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Tracing the footsteps of FRELIMO at Congresso


IF you want the authenticity and uniqueness of history, especially the guerilla movements, then come to Congresso in Matchedje, in the Niassa Province, where the true history of the Liberation forces of FRELIMO could be traced back.
This is the place where Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (FRELIMO), under the party presidency of Comrade Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane and Samora Moises Machel as the chief of command, held their second and final congress between July 20 – 25, 1968 before they went in the frontlines to oust the imperialist rule of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar in the Portuguese Overseas Province of Mozambique or the Portuguese East Africa! How dare them, I mean, the Portuguese!!
After the weak-hearted attempts at peaceful negotiation by FRELIMO were abandoned, on September 25, 1964, Eduardo Mondlane began to launch the first ever guerrilla attacks on targets in northern Mozambique from his base in Tanzania. FRELIMO soldiers, with logistical assistance from the local population, attacked the administrative post at Chai Chai in the province of Cabo Delgado.
This was the result of their first ever meeting was held in Dar es Salaam in 1964, though they failed, but three years later they were strong enough to wage a guerrilla war (armed struggle from the outset) that lasted for almost eight years before Mozambique was liberated in 1975 and independence was achieved after the Carnation Revolution in Lisbon (Remember this history???!!!). Thanks to the heroes of Mozambique, though I’m sorry for Mondlane who couldn’t witness this wonderful event after his tragic death on February 3, 1969 in Dar es Salaam.
Their third Congress was held in February 1977, and the independent country became a Marxist-Leninist political party and its official name became the Frelimo Party (Partido Frelimo).
The authenticity in this area along the mighty Ruvuma River, almost 5 kilometers from the Mkenda Bridge, is peculiar as you can find the thatched house that were used by FRELIMO, the natural environment of the forest, and more over, the big log that used to be the secret meeting point between Mondlane and Machel when they discussed important issues before they addressed the fighters.
The museum at the entrance is another thing that you can’t miss, let alone the monument full of plates labeled with the names of Mozambican heroes which is built at the very place where Mondlane addressed the fighters. The stand has been reloceted on the left side once you enter this area.
To me, and maybe most historians, this was a wonderful experience of my life, so to speak. In the actual sense, Mondlane and Machel were and are still my heroes, just like Mwalimu Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara! Aluta Continua! Viva la Frelimo! And here is a wonderful liberation song that our guide, Alexandre Jalane sang in Portuguese and made me write it, with the translation:

Mocambique, nossa terra bendita
Hoje luta pela liberdade
Nos queremos a nossa liberdade
Unidade a todo o pais
E o sangue do povo triunfante
Vencera o regime Salazar
A Frelimo saira vitoriosa

And the translation…

Mozambique, our blessed land
Today fights for freedom
We want our freedom
Unity in the whole country
And the blood of the triumphing People
Will win Salazar’s regime
Frelimo will be victorious

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A lifetime experience! Siting on the same log where Mondlane na Machel met in secret to discuss attack plans on July 20 - 25, 1968.

The back-row from left: Machel, Mondlane, Joachim Chissano and Armando Guebuza. Others ... let me know if you happen to identify them. I forgot.

Comrade Mondlane and Machel in a tete-a-tete. The photos are displayed in the museum at Congresso in Matchedje.

The heroes: Samora Mises Machel and Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane.

Mondlane pictured addressing the Second Frelimo Congress in 1968.

Alberto Joaquim Chipande (left) is credited with firing the first shots of the war for independence from Portugal on 25 September 1964 at Chai Chai in Cabo Delgado. When independence was achieved in 1975, he became Minister of Defense in the FRELIMO government, remaining in that post until at least 1986 under President Samora Machel. Chipande was also a member of the Political Bureau of FRELIMO, which ran the government for 18 days in late 1986 after the death of Machel. He is also a FRELIMO member of the Assembly of the Republic from the Cabo Delgado Province. Upon the creation of the Council of State, a body tasked with advising the President, Chipande was one of four members appointed to the Council by President Armando Guebuza; he and the other members of the Council were sworn in on 23 December 2005. Chipande was re-elected to the FRELIMO Central Committee at the party's November 2006 congress. He was the top-scoring candidate in that election, receiving 1,138 votes from the 1,326 delegates.


The stand that Mondlane used to address Frelimo fighters.

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