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PM tables 2012/13 budget estimates

PRIME Minister Mizengo Pinda has said in an effort to reduce expenditure, plans are underway to limit the engine capacities of vehicles purchased for government leaders, top executives and other public servants effective next fiscal year.

Pinda revealed this in the National Assembly here when tabling 2012/13 budget estimates for his office. He asked the House to endorse a 3.8trn/- for the coming financial year due to begin on July 1.

He explained that under the new system, vehicles to be purchased will not exceed the engine size of 3000CC for government leaders and top executives and 2000CC for other public servants.

Pinda said that the government would issue a circular for the new system soon.

Giving more details, the government would also establish zones for government vehicles to be used by leaders and executives during official trips in up country regions. Pinda said the system would help to reduce the number of vehicles used during official visits in regions.

“The government has been taking measures to cut down unnecessary costs, especially in procurement of luxury vehicles whose maintenance is costly,” he said.

On the mining sector, the premier said the government had taken measures to ensure that all big mining companies pay the royalty of four per cent, as per new Mining Act of 2010.

He said the companies which had not taken into consideration the new law would be required to settle dues over the entire period since the law was enactment in 2010. Pinda assured the House that no mining company will be spared on that.

Pinda said in an effort to improve agriculture, the government, through SUMA JKT, has imported 1,860 tractors, 400 power tillers and 1100 water pumps from India through a soft loan.

Additionally, the premier said that in the financial year 2011/12 the government worked hard to strengthen access to farm implements such as fertilizers, improved seeds, and pesticides.

He further said that the government had conducted a special inspection on the agricultural subsidy vouchers’ system and commissioned the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau to charge those found guilty of abusing it. He said 19 cases have already been failed in different courts against people who abused the system.

On allowances for ward councillors, Pinda said that the government had reviewed them.

“When I was winding up the budget debate for my office last year, I promised that the government would work on the rate of allowances paid to councillors so that they can be increased,” he said.

“The exercised has been completed and the councillors will start receiving the new allowances in the coming financial year [2012/2013],” Pinda added.

In his budget estimates, Pinda requested the Parliament to endorse 3,816,763,272,000/- for recurrent and development expenditure.

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